“The Bluest Eye” – Toni Morrison (Winter)

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1. extemporized—-perform something without preparation

2. unabashed—-not embarrasses or ashamed

3. genuflected—-to lower one’s body by bending their leg

4. gelid—-extremely cold

5. inviolable—-not capable of being violated or infringed

6. surfeit—-eating until excessively full

7. epiphany—-a divine manifestation

8. macabre—-shockingly repellent


1. How does Morrison personify Winter and use metaphors comparing Mr. MacTeer to winter? Give specific examples from the text.

A:  Toni Morrison personifies winter and uses metaphors comparing Mr.MacTeer to winter, for example “He worked night and day to keep one from the door and the other from under the windowsill.” , here  Toni Morrison uses figurative language to show how much of a hard worker and determined man Mr. MacTeer was and how much he valued his family. Also, she compared people throughout the chapter winter to winter.

2. How is Pecola harassed by the group of boys? What effect does it have on her? How is this reminiscent of common bullying?

A: Pecola is harassed because of her social status or because of he place in society. Also, she was teased because of the problems happening in her household, about her father, mother, and being poor. The is effected her because from them teasing her or harassing her it showed her insecurity to others and herself. This bulling that Pecola experience during this chapter was one of the common bullying because she was teased about stupid things like their place in society, race, etc. and this is common in todays society.

3. Describe Maureen Peal. Comment on her interaction with Pecola.

A: Maureen Peal is a preppy sort of snobby girl. As a first impression she was nice girl and people just were jealous of her. Then as I read more of the story I found out that she uses her popularity to befriend people just to get what she wants from them, as she did with Pecola.

4. Examine Claudia and Frieda’s comparison of themselves wit Maureen.

A: Claudia and Frieda compare themselves to Maureen in many ways for instances on popularity, looks, and how they are loved by others.

5. Tell me about MacTeer sisters’ meeting with the prostitutes, how do they react and what does this about them?

A: When Claudia and Frieda meet the prostitutes they realized that Mr. Henry wasn’t suppose to have people over and especially prostitutes.

6. Analyze Geraldine and discuss her significance to the story.

A: Geraldine is a confused and flamboyant women, who puts her cat before her own son and family. Which is a disgrace and she hardly loves anything. So her definition of love is really way out in left field!

7.  Examine the importance of Geraldine and her relationship with Junior.

A: Geraldine spoils Junior with everything he wants, but she still outs the cat before him. This show that Geraldine status or rate for a mom is low because spoiling your children doesn’t help them amount to anything. For Junior it must be hard being put after a cat and not being loved by his mother, so that my be a result of his bullying.

8. How does Junior treat Pecola? How about his mother, how does she treat Pecola? What impact does this have on Pecola?

A: Like any other bully he treats Pecola like she is nothing, cruel, and harsh. Geraldine, his mother, treats Pecola like trash when she thinks Pecola i being mean to Junior.

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